Inspiration has many origins and can be somewhat unpredictable. A great designer understands their inspirational source and becomes a conduit for the creativity to flow. The skill is in taking seemingly unrelated imagery and conceiving a new visual context that inspires a body of work.

Christopher Elliott is truly passionate about great design, continuously seeking and anticipating the current global trends and forecasts. This visual diary reflects products, styles and images that both inspire and guide Christopher’s work.


So it seems that all things marble have made a statement at the recent international Milan Fair (it is the designer’s equivalent of a Catholic visiting the Vatican). What is it about marble that has inspired contemporary designers? I think marble has always evoked not only a sense of permanency and luxury, but also a sense of history. An example of this is the exhibition ‘Marble across Time’ at the Milan fair, where the stunning gravity defying cantilevered table by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka is displayed. I keep looking at this and wondering just how he managed to engineer this design.

“A massive stone frees from gravity and exists own presence as floating in the air. To the future, this is also my dream to the universe.” Tokujin Yoshioka.