Christopher Elliott Design can create a unique artwork portfolio to compliment your property. This service includes a site analysis to determine key locations for any artwork, in conjunction with a client consultation to Accessories and decoration can truly enhance the look and feel of a home. Through client consultations and on-site styling, we can personalise a collection of objects and accessories to improve your property without it establish set parameters for the proposed artwork. being contrived or cluttered.

All top designers will advise, select or commission artwork on behalf of their clients to elevate and enhance their designs. To deliver this service properly, a designer requires both an appreciation of art and an understanding of the importance of incorporating a client’s taste into the aesthetics of the space. Through his personal and professional endeavours, Christopher has established an impressive network of artists and galleries that accommodate a wide variety of artistic styles and mediums, which he consults on each project. This seamless integration of artwork into the broader design scheme guarantees stunning results.