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The Richmond project involved the refurbishment of a single fronted Victorian house to better accommodate the client’s overwhelming antique furniture collection and make the space more liveable. Although beautifully crafted, placed together the collection of 1800 century antique timber pieces were sombre. Paring back their antique collection to a few key pieces brought balance to the new look. A modern paint scheme provided freshness to the space and grass cloth wallpaper added sumptuous texture. The fireplace was remodelled with a beautiful polished plaster finish and classic modern furniture was used to bridge the old and new. This unique combination resulted in a luxurious, contemporary interior, made up of individual pieces that reflect the personality of the client.

Client testimonial
“In our initial consultation with Christopher Elliott, we expressed the desire to combine our antique furniture with some contemporary design that would produce a comfortable living environment with an elegant and quality look. Our home was in a state of clutter and congested with lots of country furniture, whilst some pieces were individually good, the rooms in which they coexisted were visually uncomfortable and in need of an update.
Chris presented his design concept which gave us an appreciation of how the spaces could be better used. Thankfully, his plan became the catalyst that enabled the perception of culling and cleaning up, plausible. His vision and carefully chosen mix of colours, finishes, shapes and cabinetry design were impressive.  
Throughout the project Chris’s talent became increasingly obvious. His uncompromising eye for detail was commendable and his personality and project management, exemplary.
Chris has developed an interior of perfect balance. His design is clean and fresh with equal importance being placed on every element through a period from C17th to the present. The final result of his work is extremely pleasing and beyond our expectation. It reflects the immense beauty that can be achieved by outstanding interior design that is neither generic, nor staged. It is individual and it was designed for us.
Thanks to Chris, we now have an interior that has a pure sense of purpose and is great to live in. We absolutely love everything he has achieved and his work carriers our highest recommendation.”

Richmond - Sofa detail

Richmond - Dining spaceRichmond - Table & chairRichmond - StudyRichmond - Fireplace