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We pretty much do the lot, except build things. We leave that to the experts. Our design process is tight, so our creative has the freedom to move, and if that doesn’t sound like a typical interior design studio, that’s because it isn’t.

Interior Architecture Design in Melbourne
Interior architecture design

A critical part of the process is ensuring that our amazing ideas actually work in your space. Spatial planning is the key, and that’s something we do really well. So, whether we’re updating one room or creating something from nothing, we make sure our designs work functionally and aesthetically.

Architectural Materials Specification
Architectural Material Specification

“What’s that?” you may ask. In simple terms, it’s the finishes that are applied to the built environment of an interior. The stuff you can’t easily remove. In a market flooded with choice, it’s challenging to know how to achieve a coherent selection. And choosing the right materials requires knowing what’s out there, and what works. So, it’s a good thing we are always researching products to bring new and exciting designs to the table.

Melbourne Joinery Design
Joinery Design

Integrated cabinets and built-in furniture are integral to functional interiors and can make a strong visual statement. Though, it’s tricky to maintain a consistent design, when incorporating the functional components of appliances, TV equipment, and the like. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and every element needs to be carefully considered. But, we love designing this the most, so you’re in good hands.

Lighting Design Services in Melbourne
Lighting design

Arguably one of the most important design considerations for any space is good lighting. It can make or break a room! We work with numerous industry professionals to create well-crafted and beautiful lighting designs. Essentially, we like to brighten up people’s lives.

Window Treatment Design
Window Treatment Design

To us, window treatments are much more that curtains or blinds, they add to the design of a space. So they shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather an integrated component. We formulate practical solutions that are sympathetic to the built environment and the budget. All the while, making sure they look pretty good too!

Loose Furniture & Fittings Specification
Loose Furniture and Fittings Specification

Our extensive contact list of local and international suppliers means we can find gorgeous things to suit all types of projects. Our approach is modern, but that doesn’t mean we restrict you to contemporary furniture, the right vintage piece can sometimes be the perfect addition.