Inspiration has many origins and can be somewhat unpredictable. A great designer understands their inspirational source and becomes a conduit for the creativity to flow. The skill is in taking seemingly unrelated imagery and conceiving a new visual context that inspires a body of work.

Christopher Elliott is truly passionate about great design, continuously seeking and anticipating the current global trends and forecasts. This visual diary reflects products, styles and images that both inspire and guide Christopher’s work.

Artist Andrew O’Brien

Artist Andrew O’Brien is being commissioned to create an original work of art for a client’s recently renovated house. The work will be O’Brien’s response to the space and a continuation of his current artistic direction, as seen in his recent 2012 exhibition held at Corporate Culture’s Sydney Showroom. Here are some examples of the recent work and this is what Andrew had to say about the commission.

“Stepping into one of Christopher’s interiors I quickly realised I was dealing with a designer with more than a great eye, his considered design was also sympathetic to the client and the surrounds. The beautiful interior was so inspiring that I nearly overlooked the Zen like attention to detail and functionality throughout. From an artist’s perspective, Christopher understood the power and transformative role of my art and the importance of incorporating it into his design. He has a collaborative approach and encouraged me to establish a relationship with his clients, yet my vision and point of view as an artist was respected.” Andrew O’Brien

Quarantine #2 - Andrew O'BrienQuarantine #1 - Andrew O'Brien