Inspiration has many origins and can be somewhat unpredictable. A great designer understands their inspirational source and becomes a conduit for the creativity to flow. The skill is in taking seemingly unrelated imagery and conceiving a new visual context that inspires a body of work.

Christopher Elliott is truly passionate about great design, continuously seeking and anticipating the current global trends and forecasts. This visual diary reflects products, styles and images that both inspire and guide Christopher’s work.

Serious Skys

Trevor Mein’s latest exhibition titled ‘Cirrus’ is a collection of photographic works, depicting dramatic cloud formations.

“All we have to do is look up. But most of the time we don’t bother. Or if we do, it’s to check for rain. We go about our busy lives, eyes fixed on the ground or on the computer screen, barely giving these star performers a second glance. And yet to look at Trevor Mein’s cloud photographs is to wonder how we can keep our eyes off them. Why aren’t we cloudstruck, immobilized with awe, scanning the sky every moment we get. Sometimes it takes an artist to show us what is in front of our noses. To make us stop and marvel. To capture the most nebulous, most ephemeral of phenomena, and help us see them anew.” Fiona Capp

Having used one of Mein’s previous works in the South Yarra project, I personally respond to both the simplicity and complexity of his beautiful cloud images. From his latest exhibition these are my favourite works. To view the exhibition and see his latest works check it out at ‘Sofitel Melbourne On Collins’ between 27 Nov 2012 – 18 Feb 2013.

Christopher Elliott Design - Trevor Mein cloudsChristopher Elliott Design - Trevor Mein Image 2