Inspiration has many origins and can be somewhat unpredictable. A great designer understands their inspirational source and becomes a conduit for the creativity to flow. The skill is in taking seemingly unrelated imagery and conceiving a new visual context that inspires a body of work.

Christopher Elliott is truly passionate about great design, continuously seeking and anticipating the current global trends and forecasts. This visual diary reflects products, styles and images that both inspire and guide Christopher’s work.

Piping Hot!

There is a strong trend towards using metal tubing or piping as a flexible material to fashion into either furniture or light fittings. The soft curves made possible with these materials are a welcomed relief to the hard square lines of recent designs. They are also reminiscent of the 1980’s tubular furniture designs made popular by IKEA, who have returned to the trend with a re-release of their classic 1980’s PS 2012 sofa design. I love designs that combine both the simplistic shape of the metal tubing in brightly coloured painted finishes with raw timber like those of Spanish designer Tomas Alonso. So watch out for more creative designs and interiors using these cylindrical forms.