Inspiration has many origins and can be somewhat unpredictable. A great designer understands their inspirational source and becomes a conduit for the creativity to flow. The skill is in taking seemingly unrelated imagery and conceiving a new visual context that inspires a body of work.

Christopher Elliott is truly passionate about great design, continuously seeking and anticipating the current global trends and forecasts. This visual diary reflects products, styles and images that both inspire and guide Christopher’s work.

Less is More

As a designer it is easy to be overwhelmed by choice and one’s own creativity. The mark of a great designer will be what to edit out of a design as opposed to what to include and it’s important to strike a balance between these opposites. Some designers like to throw more into the mix and others apply more restraint. Neither approach is right or wrong, but for me, personally, as I mature (some may say I haven’t) I am drawn to the path of restraint. I have found to pare back a design requires a level of confidence about my work, allowing the purity of the design to shine through. This minimisation of my designs is also born from a yearning to simplify and de-clutter my life, which is reflective of a greater need for environmental austerity. That being said, my aim is to not strip designs of their complexity and interest to that of a clinical form, but rather simplify and strengthen their impact though clarity. Here are some great examples of this restrained design ethos by an international Polish architect firm, Tamizo.