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Arching Heart

One shape in particular that has dominated the designs of late is the arch. Not a day goes by that I don’t see the slender, bowing lines of one. They have captured the minds of current designers, but my fascination with them happened while onsite at our Princes Hill project. I was enamoured by an old stain-glass arch window; removed to make way for the new extension, and leaving in its place a gorgeous curved archway. This was the beginning of a love affair that was to be the inspiration for the project.

Arches are a classic form originating from ancient Roman architecture. As defined by Wikipedia, “an arch is a pure compression form. It can span a large area by resolving forces into compressive stresses and, in turn eliminating tensile stresses. This is sometimes referred to as arch action.” It seems that arches are the geometric equivalent of a stress reliever, and with that description, the world could do with a lot more arch action! So then it’s completely understandable why there is a resurgence of arches in modern interiors. Although this is not the first time they have resurfaced in designs, we only have to look back as recently as the 1980’s when they were featured extensively. It seems with all shapes they have their time in the spotlight; then they are surpassed by another more alluring form. Only to be moved to the invisible scrapyard of the design world, where they sit idle waiting for their time again in the spotlight, but not like before! Each time reinvented by a new wave of designers seeking to put their stamp on the world.