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Colour Directions

Burgundy, Marsala, Beetroot, Ruby, Magenta and Claret; these are all possible names for a particular colour that I am loving and using right now. For a long time, we have seen a spectrum of cool colours featured predominately in both interiors and fashion, all the while some of the warmer tones took a back seat. All this is about to change!

Even though blue is always seen as a classic, evident by the use of Navy in many interiors, which I love I might add, but what is also emerging is a particular ruby berry toned colour range. These sumptuous colours compliment a palette of deep blues beautifully and work harmoniously within a grey scheme. However, there is one distinct tone of this colour I adore, but trying to find a name for it is proving difficult. The best description I can come up with so far is Pink Burgundy. Meaning it’s on the pink side of a dark burgundy, giving it more luminosity and vibrancy. This unique saturation of colour has a modernity to it, as opposed to an old world gentry charm that a true burgundy would conjure. Though, I am baffled to think of an appropriate name for this elusive colour; my current reference to it relies on a small swatch of velvet fabric by the European fabric house, Chivasso, and their reference to the colour is called 080. Great! (Insert ‘rolling eyes’ emoji) Even they couldn’t think of a good name for it! But as with all things design wise, it is best to show you what I mean than to describe it. So here are some images that evoke the ‘Pink Burgundy’ colour I am loving.

P.S. If you think of a good name for it, let me know.